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Using a traditional shaving blade to shave isn’t bad, but the after effect could sometimes be quite undesirable. From uncontrolled irritation to itchy bumps, the after effect of a simple routine shave could make one hate shaving. Accepted, there are other ways to get rid of those hairs like using ‘shaving powder’, but the composition of these powder is not necessarily kind to all skin types. Using these shaving products on a skin that isn’t naturally built to withstand the chemical content in it can be very disastrous. So if every way to shave is pretty much bad, what is the safest bet?
skarp laser razor
Image credit: Skarp Technologies

It may not look like it but “the skarp laser razor” by skarp technologies may be your best bet and the future of shaving. Quite frankly the shaving ‘business’ has lacked any significant technological innovation. The shaving gadgets we use today is not that different from what we had decades ago – any change in design has been mostly in appearance. Luckily for every Skarp laser razor has taken a different path.

The laser based razor replaces traditional blades with a laser that can cut through hair, which its skarp technologies promise will ensure users do not experience significant rritation or discomfort of any kind. The hype about the skarp laser razor is that – users will not experience any scratches, razor burn, itching, or accidental cuts during and after using the product for shaving. To raise funds for the product and eventually get the Skarp laser razor on the market, the creators listed it on crowd funding site – Kickstarter. The creators hoped to raise about $160,000 for developing the product but ended up raising about $4 million. The razor attracted $40,000 in pledges just few hours after it was put on kickstarter. The creators also promise a close and smooth shave, replacement of the razor blades is not going to be an issue as the razor comes with “non replaceable and long lasting blade” . The skarp laser razor prototypes are made of Aluminium and according to skarp can work with water – example can be in the bathroom.

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Working Mechanism

For a razor that utilizes laser technology to get rid of hairs, the working mechanism will seem like rocket science but it really isn’t that complicated. Back to our microbiology 101 class remember chromophores? No? For those of us that didn’t study microbiology or just hated the damn course – “A chromophore is the part of a molecule responsible for its color. The color arises when a molecule absorbs certain wavelengths of visible light and transmits or reflects others”. Now thanks to chromophore’s penchant for absorbing light, wavelength of light emitted by the skarp laser razor is absorbed by it.The targeted chromophore is shared by every human, regardless of age, gender, or race. The laser takes advantage of this by cutting through the hair using the identified particles and a suitable wavelength of light.
skarp lazer razor
Skarp laser razor can work well with water- in the shower, though it doesn’t require water to work.
Image credit: Skarp technologies.


Crowd funding site Kickstarter accused Skarp technologies of not having a working prototype for the product. Supporters of the California basee company’s product got emails from kickstarter informing them that the skarp laser razor was “in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards”. The project has since been suspended by kickstarter. Last week, Skarp released a nine-minute video on Kickstarter, addressing backers’ concerns about the product, which included safety and battery life. Skarp technologies also told its supporters “not to worry” and promised that the Laser Razor would be available in the spring. The project has since been listed by rival crowd funding site Indiegogo.

Pricing and Availability

The projected delivery for the razor is March 2016. There is however not concrete information on possible pricing for the razor but backers of the project who pledge (and redeem) a minimum if $169 will get the skarp razor when it is ready.h2

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