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First, the fact that I’m seeing a local Nigerian name as the AI makes me quite happy. At this point in our country, it is high time we started doing things that others are doing to develop. This is especial for technology too. We should begin to build apps, and AIs that tend to make things very easy for us. This is where exactly Olu Assistant comes in.

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So you ask yourself what Can OluAssistant Do? Below is a well defined list to be guided by. OluAssistant can:

Pickup & drop-off your Dry-Cleaning/Laundry

Arrange cleaners for your home or office

Order food for you (Even Suya)

Deliver groceries to your home

Arrange a driver for you on the days you don’t feel like driving

Deliver diesel & cooking gas to your home or office

Provide roadside assistance if you’re ever stranded on the road

Make travel arrangements

OluAssistant virtual househelp
OluAssistant virtual househelp

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Organise events

Help you make reservations in restaurants, nightclubs, etc.

Send a gift to your loved one, on your behalf

Wash and detail your car wherever it is parked

OluAssistant virtual househelp
OluAssistant virtual househelp

So basically, OluAssistant is an AI that serves as a househelp. You would agree with me that not all of us have the luxury of time to carry out some things or another while they are busy with work and many other things.

This is not the only or first AI to be launched into the Nigerian market as we also have the Lara AI that helps to regulate the transportation sector of the country. It directs users to where they are going and all. I think more of these would further affirm Nigeria’s future in tech.

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Can you also recall when business mogul, Jack Ma said that AI would significantly reduce the number of hours and days that people work to about 4 hours in a day, and 4 days in a week. Well, I share his sentiments too. What do you think?

You can add OluAssistant on WhatsApp +2349080821111 or visit www.oluassistant.com

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