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Have you come across people who own a smartphone and you still see them with a feature phone as well? The reason might not be far fetched as owning those two phones might be doing them a whole lot of favor, as well as making life very easy for them, and their smartphones too.

Feature phones are considerably cheaper than smartphones, though this has not in any way limit how helpful they can be. In fact, they are a very needed device for some certain kinds of people.

Well, just stay with me as I show you seven (7) reasons why you should own a feature phone alongside with your smartphone too.

  1. It is more handy

For convenience, it is advisable that you hold a feature phone about (with your smartphone probably in your pocket), as it is more handy and definitely easier to carry about, collect contacts with, amongst 1001 other things you might want to do.

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  1. It is easier to make calls with

So instead of holding a 5 inch (and above) smartphone to your ears, you can just let a feature phone do the work for you, as it requires less stress. Evidently, feature phones weighs far less than half the weight of some smartphone and are the surest bet when it comes to making convenient calls.

  1. Saves smartphone battery

You might be wondering what a feature phone has to do with saving your smartphone’s battery. Well, I’ll tell you. Normally, you use your smartphone for a whole lot of activities including surfing the net and other things. But then, if you have a feature phone, other things like calling, listening to music e.t.c can now be done on it, thereby saving the smartphone battery for more important things.

  1. It isn’t too complicated

Well I’m not saying smartphones are too complicated, but they actually are in relation to feature phones. Feature phones would surely not give you any problem when trying to use it, just like it wouldn’t hang when using it.

  1. It increases smartphone productivity

So on a logical note, when you don’t overuse a thing, its productivity would increase right? The same applies to our smartphones which is why we might require the help of feature phones to help lift the pressure off the smartphones, thereby increasing their productivity.

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  1. It could serve other purposes

There are one million and one things you might want to use a phone for and you don’t want to stress your smartphone with them. Things like using a phone for torchlight, listening to music and radio, using as reminders and alarms amongst others. You don’t necessarily have to use your smartphone for these things as long as you have another option (feature phone) at your disposal.

     7. It could be sacrificed for you smartphone

Now, this one is on a lighter note. I want to paint a scenario you might not like or envisage. Lets assume you were in a dilemma that you got into by mistake – say an attack by armed robbers – and you were told to drop the phone with you. Though risky, you could just drop the feature phone which costs far less than a smartphone, thereby losing a very minute amount of money. But like I said earlier, this is a risky one.



Feature phones might have upgraded from the normal small phones we have always known. In fact, one of them even supports the 4G LTE network, yes, that’s how far they have upgraded. Gone are the days of ‘boring’ feature phones, we have passed that era, now into a new and better one.

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A recent report also made known to us that in the past year (2016), Nigerians spent more on feature phones than they did on smartphones, a trait which most people have attributed to the current recession, but I do not totally agree with that school of thought. If you ask me, I would say it is because of the numerous advantages and uses of the feature phones despite its low price.

So guys, girl, techies, there you have it. I really do hope that you consider owning a feature phone alongside that smartphone you have been overusing.

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