E-Commerce in Nigeria

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E – Commerce is on the rise all over the world with Nigeria Inclusive. “500Million tweets go out daily, with 1million YouTube users; over 45 million Nigerians are active daily on the Internet”- Sen. John Enoh. Senator Ibrahim Gobir adds that “E – Commerce has taken over the whole world and with that we can make billions daily”.

These words by a senator in the legislative chambers of our country, Nigeria goes to show that everyone is get to know the potentials of technology and how productive it can be, especially in our ailing economy. And also, the money it can make for the country.

E-Commerce in Nigeria
E-Commerce in Nigeria

It seems representatives at the legislative chambers have decide to start going techie in all ramifications. This was evident when they made use of their electronic voting system for the first time and also streamed plenary activity via their Facebook page. Well, as it seems now, their attention has been directed to the e-commerce sector.

>> Nigerian Senate Test Runs Live Facebook Streaming Of Plenary Activity

Senate now moves to Consideration of some Bills for Second Reading. One of such bill is..

A bill for an Act to provide for Effective and Transparent Administration, Management and Control of Payment, Clearing & Settlement processes in Nigeria and for related matters 2016 (SB. 268) by Senator John O. Enoh.

Senate to regulate E-Commerce in Nigeria
Senate to regulate E-Commerce in Nigeria

According to some senators in support of the bill, E – Commerce is on the rise and has come to stay. This bill will address the legal lacuna that exists in E- Commerce.” – Senator Shehu Sani speaks. Senators Sam Egwu & Yahaya Abdullahi also supported the bill saying that it is a very straight forward bill that will move the country forward.

Presently, details of the bill have not been made public, so we do not know its content. But if their aim is just to make billions from the E-Commerce sector, then I see them creating laws in the sector that might reduce the influence of E – Commerce giants, Jumia and Konga to the barest minimum so as to pave way for them.

Konga To Build More Warehouses Across Nigeria

Well, we are hoping this is not the case, and that they will enact laws that would be of benefit to the masses, and to the E – Commerce industry. But, we can only hope.

What do you think might be cooking about this bill?

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