Seedstars World Competition Set To Hold At Mozambique This Year

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Seedstars World Competition Set To Hold At Mozambique This Year
Seedstars World Competition Set To Hold At Mozambique This Year

The Seedstars World Competition has held various events across Africa this present year and its planning to hold its yearly Africa Summit in Maputo, Mozambique between the 11th and 14th of December. With regards to local events that have been held, we have seen winners selected from various countries which include, Tunisia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique.

The participants of this year’s Africa Summit will be winners of the local events, ecosystem players, mentors, investors, corporate organisations, and other entrepreneurs. Looking forward to over 800 attendees, this great event is to kick off with a boot camp for the participants, followed by an ecosystem tour and an investor day, and concluding on the 14th of December with a Conference and a pitch event.

In a statement made by the regional manager of the Seedstars in Africa, Claudia Makadristo, she said that the program seeks to start with the very lowest of promising startups that lack the necessary money to build up their ideas and also grant them the credit they deserve. One goal has caused the program to travel in one year to 88 different ecosystems, and this is: To lift startups in their early phases. The visits have welcomed over 20 African nations during the course of these travels.

She continued to say, “We are very excited to be able to bring the entire network together in Mozambique later this year and together considered some of the opportunities of the continent and explore how technologies can rapidly improve the current status quo in emerging markets worldwide.”

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