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The Computer Village which is largest ICT accessory market in Africa and a Perfect competition market, under the umbrella of Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) has stepped up their game as they aim to prevent the further very rampant cases of phone theft which has unfortunately eroded the market.

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I think they have actually tried with this as tracking stolen phones has become a thing of challenge most especially in Nigeria. It all seem like we lack the general technicality to do stuffs like this. Even though we do hope that is all in the past now, and we expect the government to take a cue from this move.

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The village has launched a unified database to track stolen phones. The unified database could go a long way in curbing criminal activities, as long as traders are encouraged/enforced to sell, and customers demand to buy, only registered merchandise. This translates that the initiative can only work if it gains the total support of the general populace. We hope it does too.

The Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), a trade association of Ikeja Computer Village market traders, has done well to have collaborated with a software company to develop this web portal which enables the tracking of stolen phones. I surely see it as a giant step in the right direction.
I think it is high time we begin to regain our reputation both as a country and as individuals inside the country. There is a very high rate of theft in computer village, and also ones in which celebrities were caught and accused. So i think it is time to retrace steps and install measures that’ll help to curb this menace. And what gladens me is that this is exactly what the association have embarked on. What remains now is if the people would corporate and help this cause or not.
Check out the unified phone database by visiting Fonereg.com/eng/ng.

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  1. This is really proactive somewhat. It will abate the incessant thuggery of phones that became rampant.

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