Doogee T6 Pro

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Now, this one’s from the stables of the Chinese smartphone makers. Truth is, they never cease to amaze us, and do things that are out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t classify this one as ‘out of the ordinary’ because Gionee has superceded it, but then, we till do have to give credence to whom credence is due.

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The Doogee T6 Pro has the huge 6250 mAh Battery and which is obviously capable enough to lasts till 3 full days. Even with the Full HD Videos, Hard-Core Gaming and Full Internet Browsing, this will surely last for 48 hours max easily. Oh mehn, I feel like I need to have this all to myself.

Doogee T6 Pro
Doogee T6 Pro

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It is no doubt that what most people look out for in a phone first is the battery, at least for the heavy smartphone users like me. Every other thing like the camera, OS and so on comes later. Battery is actually king for some people. The Doogee T6 Pro battery is just a bit below the Gionee M2017 battery pegged at a whopping 7000 mAh.

Asides from just the battery, it also wows us a bit in the aspect of its camera, with a 13.0 MP Rear Camera with AF and a decent 5.0 MP  (SW8.0MP) FF Selfie Camera as well. It is important to be aware that the in-built camera app is good but doesn’t come up with all the interesting customization options. So, it is recommend that you install any other Reputed Camera App from the Google Play Store.

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Other specs include the Doogee T6 Pro 5.5″ HD Display having a decent 1280*720 pixels Resolution. It also has a decent Processor along with the good 3 GB Ram as well. It comes with the latest Android 6.0 in the box itself, while it also Supports the 4G LTE network.

Thing is, this “beast” goes on an offer as low as $150. Ain’t that lovely? Let me hear your honest opinion.

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