ScholarX app that enables students find scholarship'

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ScholarX is an App designed to help Nigerian students both home and abroad access available scholarships because of the high cost of university education.After downloading the App from Google Play store, Users create an account using email address or phone number, then they select the following parameters: Gender, State, Institution, Faculty, Course, CGPA, and Click FIND….and it automatically gives the list of Scholarships that matches their qualification.

ScholarX app that enables students find scholarship
ScholarX app that enables students find scholarship

They are on a mission ‘To ensure that Nigerians can access top quality education on any level worldwide.’ According to the scholarX website, by harnessing new generation information technology tools, they aspire to be renowned for our capacity to take education to great heights.

It was founded by Maxwell Ogunfuyi, Abayomi Johnson and Bola Lawal to present opportunities to millions of Nigerians.

Founders of ScholarX
Founders of ScholarX

Mr. Bola Lawal received his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Lagos State University and an M.Sc. (also in chemistry) from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Houston Texas. He is currently a PhD candidate in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has had significant experience with reviewing applications for grants, travel awards, writing contests and scholarships. He himself has been on the receiving end of a few, including First Prize in the Science and Human Rights Coalition 2014 Student Essay Competition.With ScholarX, Mr. Lawal will be providing advice on how to plan and prepare a successful scholarship application among other things.


Knowing fully well that searching for specific scholarships programs on the internet at times can be a futile effort, This can present a case for uncertainty in ScholarX’s offering. Bola describes the experience as being manually painful.

Adding that it’s the most manual thing any tech person would ever wish to do. For the integrity of the scholarships and to ensure they are well ranked on search, ScholarX has gone through the pain of finding these scholarships, entering them manually, vetting them and populating them into the database.

Some companies exist which offer students discount. As the ScholarX Strategy Lead, Bola’s duties include meeting with these companies to discuss the possibilities of moving them from potential partners to full support partners of the ScholarX brand.

ScholarX enables students to find scholarships easily
ScholarX enables students to find scholarships easily

The ScholarX innovation is a fresh one. So, the struggle to break through the market is not coming as a surprise. However, once the model finally sinks in the mind of people, they hope to have a working template that could be replicated in other African countries as well. More encouraging is the fact that ScholarX recently applied for this year’s Startup School by Y Combinator and got accepted. That is a much needed validation that they are on the right path.

We wish them success as they try to make scholarships very accessible to our students.

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