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A technology company based in Nairobi, Ushahidi recently announced the launch of an app which enables gathering of reports by anyone anywhere and anytime. The app is supported on only the Android and iOS platforms.

Ushahidi was started operations  in 2008 in order to empower people to voice out their opinions and bettering the audience-organization information exchange chain by providing the organizations with necessary tools to improve the chain. Its data platform used for crowdsourcing allows the organization to gather, organize and respond to data through channels such as web form, SMS, Twitter, electronic mails and mobile app.

Well, the apps released by Ushahidi come with something unique which is data collection offline (photos and videos inclusive). This directly implies that surveys can be completed by users without connection to the internet notwithstanding their location.

“The mobile app is easy to use and is a long-awaited addition to the solution. We would definitely use it for our crowdmaps on safety in public spaces,” said ElsaMarie D’Silva, CEO of India’s Safecity, which crowdsources stories of sexual abuse and molestations through Ushahidi.

Data which includes GPS location data collected by contributors are saved by the app. The report is then sent to a proper Ushahidi deployment as soon as it’s reached. Multiple “Ushahidi deployments” are managed by users on the apps in a single place. Just a search by name tool allows users to add deployments easily. Survey data of deployments are accessible in timeline and map views once deployments are added to the app.

Actually, Ushahidi deployments are an array of tools that enables collection, management and visualization of data in one place by people possible. Importing of data from third party services and are publicly shared on a timeline or shared on a map. Ushahidi deployments are made on Ushahidi.com and they can be made by just anyone. No special requirements to make Ushahidi deployments. Ushahidi deployments also help in constructing custom surveys.

The CEO of Safecity also added, “We look forward to further developments from Ushahidi to help organisations like ours to use technology for good in a very economical manner.”

Ushahidi currently has over 5000 deployments which will be added to the apps. Later this year, there will be a release that will offer support to third party services such as SMS and Twitter that have deployments set up on them. The apps can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and the Apple store.

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