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Well, precautions has to be taken and this is exactly what Samsung is doing to prevent a reoccurrence of what happened last year, when the flagship Note 7 smartphone went into an explosion spree, which resulted in the massive destruction of properties, and series of skin burns.

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When these explosions occurred, investigations revealed that they were not unconnected to the SDI and ATL batteries which Samsung used for the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. However, this is about to change – partially though.

Samsung SDI battery
Samsung SDI products on exhibition

According to reliable reports, from the Wall Street Journal, it has it that Samsung has selected Sony as the third battery supplier for the Galaxy S8, with the first two still SDI and ATL.

Same reports also confirms that battery packs that will be utilized for the Galaxy S8 will come from the battery unit of Japan’s Sony Corp. but neither Samsung nor Sony have come forward to officially release this news.

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The volume Sony would be supplying is however, relatively minute when compared with the SDI and ATL ones. I guess Samsung is still banking on them to do a good job this time around.

You might think this is a foolish move but come to think of this, there is a high probability that is is these same suppliers that has been supplying Samsung’s batteries from the very day one. How on earth do you expect them to just dump their “customers” because of one failed attempt out of many very successful ones. I don’t think that is reasonable enough.

Further more, just to be totally sure we not not encounter the Note 7 scenario again, as it was very devastating, the smartphone industry giant have opted to test the Note 7 batteries in-house in lieu of trusting third-party companies.

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Well, we can only wish Samsung good luck with all that. And we now wait on whoever is going to patronage Samsung. I’m sure there are some loyal customers who would still buy a Samsung device and a lot more who wouldn’t take the risk for anything.

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