samsung served first lawsuit for Galaxy Note 7 explosion'

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On 31st August 2016, it was reported that Samsung was delaying shipments of the Note 7 in some regions in order to perform “additional tests being conducted for product quality”; this came alongside user reportsof batteries exploding while charging. The next day, the Yonhap News Agency reported that Samsung was preparing torecallthe device worldwide due to these battery issues.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

On 2 September 2016, Samsung suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and announced a worldwide “product exchange program”, in which customers will be able to exchange their Note 7 for a replacement (pending approval by the Consumer Product Safety Commission), or a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge (the price difference would be refunded), and also receive a $25 gift card from a participating carrier.

A company spokesperson stated that it had received 35 reports of battery failure, which “account for less than 0.1 percent of the entire volume sold”. It has been estimated that it would cost Samsung US$1 billion to replace the over 2 million devices it had sold before the recall. The company stated that a manufacturing defect in the batteries, produced by a Samsung subsidiary, had caused them to generate excessive heat output—a factor that may have led to the explosions.

The above price estimated to cost Samsung would soon skyrocket with them using a lot more to settle law suits.


samsung served first lawsuit for Galaxy Note 7 explosion
Samsung served first lawsuit for Galaxy Note 7 explosion

A Florida man named Jonathan Strobel has filed what is believed to be the first lawsuit against Samsung, pertaining to the fires and explosions brought on by defective Galaxy Note 7units. Strobel suffered severe burns after the phablet exploded in his front pants pocket. He was walking inside a Costco store on September 9th at the time of the incident. Reaching into his pocket, Strobel suffered a burned thumb, and his right leg suffered severe burns.

Kieth Pierro, Strobel’s attorney, said that his client “…has a deep second-degree burn, roughly the size of the phone, on his right thigh. Unfortunately for my client the recall came too late.”

Samsung has declined to comment on this pending litigation.

Well, this didn’t come as a surprise and a lot more other law suits are still expected as almost every victim would want to take their own piece off SAMSUNG.

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