Samsung Smart School Nigeria

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Samsung Electronics may be reeling from the saga of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but the company’s other division are still functioning as if they are all insulated  from the unfortunate accidents linked to the Note 7.

Samsung Smart School Nigeria
Samsung Electronics

One of such business-as-usual initiatives is the Smart School project. The latest and fourth Smart School was launched in Rivers State, Nigeria, just over a week ago.

The Smart School projects is Samsung’s commitment to help the country provide decent education for school children across the country. The name ‘Smart School’ brings up the image of a technology-based school. That is not far from the truth. These schools use modern teaching aids and gadgets to provide quality education for indigent students.

Normally, that’s sorts of schools attract very high school fees. Invariably, shutting out kids from poor communities from getting these sort of facilities or education.

The Smart Schools are basically a partnership between Samsung and the state government. Samsung would provide most of the devices and gadgets to be used while the the state government provides a location where the school ought to be based and bureaucratic support.

The Smart School idea is not only about buildings, gadgets and pupils though. Capacity building through the training of teachers is also part of the program.

Samsung Smart School Nigeria
One of the Smart School projects built in Nigeria

At the launching of the Smart school Rivers State, the Managing Director of Samsung Electronics in West Africa, Chang Wook Le, said:

In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal to improve education, we believe it is essential to equip teachers with basic computer literacy, as well as provide them with the tools they need to use ICTs for curriculum development and more impactful teaching. The Smart School for Teachers launched in Abuja, Ogun, Imo and now Rivers States is an important step in achieving this,”

Following the launching of the school in Rivers state, 50 teachers would be trained to work in this school. Their training would be focused on showing them how to use the gadgets in the school to access digital contents, design teaching modules, and accessing pupil’s progress using the facilities in the school.

This brings the number of teachers trained solely for this project to 135. At this rate, highly trained instructors who are adept at handling advanced technology-based teaching aids would be dotted around the country very soon.

The benefits to the country from having these trained teachers can never be quantified in terms of numbers only. Teachers like this would have a very good platform to make positive changes in their environment I am sure.

Let’s face, one of the things keeping third world countries back is the unavailability of adequately trained personnel to impart modern education into impressionable young minds in poor communities.

According to the Samsung team, the next Smart School would be opened in Delta State, Nigeria very soon.

Just last month, a similar school was launched in Imo state in an elaborate ceremony where the governor was represented by the secretary to the state government.

The Smart School project is part of the partnership Samsung signed with the Federal Government in April to equip about 104 Federal Government owned schools with digital devices and gadgets.

The digital devices to be used include Samsung electric boards, wireless connectivity for the whole school and the latest wireless printers.

Samsung Smart School Nigeria
Samsung Corporate Citizens Manager, Mrs Abosede George-Ogan (second left) at the event

The Corporate Citizens Manager of the company, Abosede George-Ogan, chipped in a few words too:

We believe that digital technology can completely transform the learning process, as well as the nature of teaching and learning, to create inclusive environments for everyone. Our education solutions deliver on this vision and improve the quality of learning, enhance teaching effectiveness and allow administrators to run institutions more effectively,”

Fine words from an employee of one of the world’s leading tech firms. Here is hoping that the momentum achieved so far in building these schools would be sustained.


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