Samsung might release galaxy S8 upon Note 7 recall'

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Recall that the Samsung Note 7 was unveiled on 2 August 2016, it was officially released on 19 August 2016 as a successor to the Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note 7 is an evolution of the previous model which inherits the hardware and improvements of the Samsung Galaxy S7, including the restoration of expandable storage and IP68 water resistance, and introduces new features to the series such as a dual-sided curved display, improvements to the bundled stylus and new software features whichutilize it, an iris recognition system and a USB Type-Cport.

Samsung might release galaxy S8 upon Note 7 recall
Samsung might release galaxy S8 upon Note 7 recall

Demand for the Galaxy Note 7 on-launch was high, breaking pre-order records in South Korea and causing international releases to be delayed in some markets due to supply shortages. On 2 September 2016, however, Samsung voluntarily recalled the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide after it was found that a manufacturing defect in the device’s battery had caused them to generate excessive heat and explode.

Due to the above, Samsung might be pressured to launch its nexthigh-profile smartphone, the tentatively-titled Galaxy S8, earlier than usual in order to offset the losses incurred by recalling the Galaxy Note 7. Analyst Kim Sang-pyo believes that releasing the Galaxy S8 by the end of next year’s first quarter, which has been the Galaxy S flagship phone’s traditional launch time over the past few years, may negatively impact Samsung’s mobile business in 2017. He also says that an earlier launch would be “the most realistic solution” to dealing with the reputation and financial damage resulting from the recall.

From Samsung’s point of view, pouring resources into the development of a new product would be better money spending than investing in the kind of marketing needed to re-establish the Galaxy Note 7 on the market once again. Industry sources are saying that Samsung Electronics has already started sourcing curved screens for the rumored Galaxy S8, removing the flat-screen version altogether in favor of “edge” displays. Reportedly, the company wants to establish curved screens as part of the identity of its premium smartphones.

Galaxy S8 might have curved screens
Galaxy S8 might have curved screens

We’re patiently waiting for whatever Samsung has in store for us to offset losses caused by the Note 7 recall, aren’t you?

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