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Just when you think Samsung would still be hunted by the remind of the Note 7 fiasco, and users experiences with it, it is seeming like users have forgotten all about it and are ready to forgive Samsung for the flaw. At least, these new figures suggests so.

Galaxy S8 smartphone has 4 GB RAM
Galaxy S8 smartphone has 4 GB RAM

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Recall that the Galaxy Note 7 experienced a lot of bad publicity as it became qn explosive device in the hands of most users, causing injuries and property loss. When all those were happening, it was like no one would ever buy a Samsung product again, or so they thought.

Fast forward to today, Samsung has made a spectacular comeback with the Galaxy S8 — this can be reflected in the figures released by Samsung. According to them, they have sold over 5 million Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices within a month!

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Selling that much device units in less than a month is surely not a guarantee for success, but it is sure an indicator. This is also coupled with the fact that Samsung previously stated that pre-orders for the phone were up by 30% compared to last year’s figure for the Galaxy S7.

Upon the release of this report, many people have costed their eyes on HTC and questioned why they are not close to achieving such feats. Well, this might just be the very clear difference between Samsung and HTC.

South Korean analysts sure expect the Galaxy S8 to sell well, estimating that it will help the firm reach record profits in the second quarter coupled with strong demand for its memory chips. The device will also launch in China, where Samsung have seen its presence dwindle for the past two years, either in late May or early June.

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Now, for a device that has not launched in too many countries, including China already having such great sales, it would be safe to say that I see greater things for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Who else sees it?

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