Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes while charging'

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As everyday passes by, we tend to become more astonished at the news we hear. After all attention has been shifted from the exploding spree by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a new exploding device is here and its not even in the Note series. According to genuine reports, a two week old Samsung Galaxy S7 edge exploded while its owner was charging it – with its original charger.

PhoneArena reports states that according to an email received from an anonymous reader who works for one of the big U.S. wireless carriers, a customer just came into the store he works at with a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that had exploded. The sad thing for the customer, is that he just received the unit two weeks ago after turning in his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (version 2 with the “safe” battery). According to the owner of the handset, it was charging overnight using the OEM charger.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes while charging
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes while charging

How do you return an exploding Galaxy Note 7 unit, only to get a similar Galaxy S7 edge with the exploding feature.

Well, the S7 edge is not at all new to explosions as previous reports had it that a man who was working on a construction job in Ohio sued Samsung after a Galaxy S7 edge exploded in his pants. The victim suffered second and third degree burns and had to go through painful skin grafts.

Also last month, news again emerged about a Galaxy S7 edge that exploded in the middle of the night while being charged. Similar to the latest issue with the phone, the original charging equipment was being used.


If anyone was to ask me what I think is the problem with all these exploding devices, I’d tell you that it is beyond me but what I think is that there might be something – which I don’t know – possibly included in the structure of the phone, probably to make it perform well or to make the battery stronger, but has been doing the exact opposite of the stronger brand it might have been acquired for. Right now, a survey shows that 40% of those who own a Samsung handset will never again buy another Samsung smartphone. If I own a Samsung phone, I’ll sure be part of those 40%.

Apple on the other hand, has had a share of these explosions – though I won’t say its a fair share compared to Samsung. Just recently, a surfer and iPhone 7 owner witnessed his iPhone unit explode while it was in his car and covered by his clothes, away from sunlight. The incident left him without a phone and with a fire damaged car.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Honestly, I think right now, both smartphone industry giants – Samsung and Apple – should have dedicated a tangible sum to get to the root of these explosions. That is what I think a serious firm should do, what do you think?

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