Zipline droves arrive in Rwanda through UPS Airlines

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According to UPS Airlines twitter handle, a delivery of Zipline drones has arrived in Rwanda for a better healthcare better penetration in Rwanda local communities where access to healthcare have become expensive and scarcely available to the ravaging communities. The droves, which will take care of the delivery of health supplies in good time in order to safe lives of the thousands of people who are too poor to access a private hospital in the country.

— UPS Airlines (@UPSAirlines) August 12, 2016

Zipline drones which were incentivised by the government of Rwanda to help put in place, a commercial delivery network for the purpose of easy access to help supplies.

As said earlier, couples of tweets were seen in the official twitter handle of UPS Airlines, suggesting that the droves have arrived in Rwanda, and the setup for the functioning of the modern delivery tech will only take some couple of week.


Zipline droves arrive in Rwanda through UPS Airlines
Zipline droves arrive in Rwanda through UPS Airlines


Drones Uses In Africa

Africa at large have started making using of drones in so many ways, from Nigeria to South Africa, Kenya to Ghana. Alots of tech startups are making use of drones to deliver meals, taking order from clients. Some weird news also abound in Africa abou drones and some countries just woke up to create laws to govern drone. In recent time, we read about Ghana give 30 years in prison to whoever uses an unregistered drone. Some companies have also step up their game be selling drones in Nigeria and we have written an article you need to read before buying a drone in Nigeria


Benefit Of Zipline Droves In HealthCare Delivery In Rwanda


And TechCabal has this final thing to say about the partnership between Gavi, UPS Airlines and the Rwanda Government that makes the success of this plan successful, which is, of course, a pretty idea for the Rwandan people

The entire thing is a partnership between The UPS Foundation, Zipline, Gavi, and of course, the Rwandan Government. I have to applaud them for being forward thinking enough not to attempt to attempt to choke technology as nascent as UAVs (drones). They are certainly doing a better job than some of their (assumedly) more developed counterparts.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is the beginning of something pretty spesh. That’s because UPS says the drones can make up to 150 deliveries of blood to 21 transfusing facilities EVERY DAY. For example, WHO says Africa has a higher rate of maternal death due to postpartum haemorrhaging (bleeding after childbirth) than any other continent on earth. Imagine how many lives would be saved if the process of getting blood to these people becomes as lubricated as UPS, Gavi and Zipline claim it is.

While Rwanda’s drone delivery network is going to focus on delivering blood at first, the offerings will soon include vaccines, treatments for HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, etc.

Dis gon’ be good.

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