According to an “All About Windows” report, Samsung is working to release a on the Samsung Galaxy S8 feature that would enable the to be used as a desktop computer when connected to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

This feature according to the report is to be called Samsung Desktop Experience. This can be seen in the leaked image below.

While this sounds like a great feature to have on the upcoming device. However, this report should not be taken as true in it’s entirety as no official statement has been released from Samsung Mobile yet.

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There are also rumors suggesting that Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes; a 5-inch model for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and a 6-inch model for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

Still according to All About Windows, “the device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895 depending on markets. A 4K display is expected to amplify virtual reality experience and the device most likely won’t have any physical button. As seen on the Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a pressure-sensitive display as well”.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is tipped to launch later in April and there are rumors and speculations that some rounds of testing is ongoing in China.

With everyone and everything anticipating the mighty comeback from Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 explosion saga, rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8 seem to be putting Samsung right back on track for a bounce back while as well regainig trust and confidence.

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Now, with the latest and the biggest rumor so far being a new feature which would work like Microsoft’s Continuum feature on Windows 10 phones, Samsung is on the verge of gaining the love and hearts of several users and customers once again.


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