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The name of this smartphone – AfriOne Champion reminds me of a song by Tim Godfrey “Uh yeah eh, I’m a champion, uh yeah eh I’m a champion, put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air for the champion”. I’m sorry to bust your bubbles, there’s no putting hands up in the air for this smartphone. This is because its specifications doesn’t make it a champion where the big names are. So, we can call it an underdog.

The smartphone was made by Nigerian smartphone brand AfriOne. Can we all remember when AfriOne launched the first assembly plant in Nigeria? This smartphone is one of the devices produced from the historic development.

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The specifications of the indigenous smartphone is however not fully known. But as the team at Techproducts is itchy to offer you the latest, we’ll give a break down of the specifications of this locally assembled smartphone that’s making rounds.

Firstly, the display size of the device is rumored to be at 5.5 inches. This being one of the first set of the company’s products, is impressive. 5.5 inches display grants the viewer a large display screen, and also a large feel in hand.

Also, the RAM of the smartphone is at an extremely low of 1GB. In this generation of super smartphones, a 1GB RAM is not so efficient. However, we hope it stays as a rumor and doesn’t make the light of the day. Its internal memory is said to be 16GB.

Reports also have it that its battery size is pegged at 2,800mAh. This is considered the extremest of lows but looking at the perspective that the brand is fresh, you just give them the benefit of the doubt. And as I said earlier, it is hoped the battery size is better once the confirmed specs are out.

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It is also rumored that it does not support 4G connectivity. I for one, don’t expect the brand to launch into the 4G connectivity. Stability first before setting those neck-breaking standards. Also, the camera size is said to be 8MP primary and 5MP secondary.

As more confirmed details are gathered, it’ll be brought to you our esteemed readers.

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