With various rumours about the next flagship from the smartphone giant already making grounds, more and more rumours just keep on coming. I’m not so sure we will get enough rumors.


The latest of the rumours however is not specification related, rather has to do with price. It is being said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost a whooping N286,000! Quite a lot to shell out for a device given the current low level pf confidence customers have at heart as regards any Samsung flagship device – blame it on the Galaxy Note 7 “grenade” incident.

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Don’t stop reading yet because that’s not all – there’s still more. Expectedly, the Galaxy S8 Plus will cost more, perhaps due to the bigger screen measuring up to 5.7″ sported on the device and some other special features particular to the S8 plus alone. The S8 plus could cost buyers an additional N50,000.


Will you buy the S8 for N286,000 ?

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