ROK studios on sky Tv UK

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Rok studios is a Nigerian film production company. Its production studios is at Anthony Village in Lagos, Nigeria. ROK Studios was founded in August 2013 by Mary Remmy Njoku. Notable films from Rok Studios’ include:Hazeezat (2014), Thy Will Be Done, Festac Town, – TV Series (2014), and A Northern Affair(2014) (all of which were produced by Mary Remmy Njoku).

According to reports, Rok Studios, the irokoTv film division has announced its intention to launch a channel on UK’s Sky TV this month. The new channel is set to launch on Thursday, September 29, 2016, and it’ll be available as a free-to-view for all Sky subscribers (that’s about 10 million homes in the UK).

ROK on Sky will air Rok Studios originals (like Single Ladies, Banks Chronicles and Bloodline) and all programming and scheduling will be done by both Rok teams in Lagos and London.

ROK studios on sky Tv UK
ROK studios on sky Tv UK

Rok CEO, Mary Remmy Njoku is pretty excited about this launch. In her words, “I am so happy to finally be able to share the news of this UK Sky channel with Rok fans. We have been working towards this for some time, and now we are launching in just a few weeks – we are all super excited. As a production house, we are obsessed with curating amazing African content and telling African stories our way – and with this next big chapter in the Rok story, we can give millions more people the chanceto enjoy our movies and TV series.”

Talking about this milestone (and his wife’s determination in achieving it) in a blog post, iROKO CEO, Jason Njoku said, “This is really, really a big deal. When she attempted the series, Festac Town whilst 5 months pregnant back in 2013, I knew she had stamina. She pushed herself beyond tears to get that done. At the time, Nollywood didn’t take TV series too seriously. Definitely didn’t invest in it. Fast forward a few years and ROK studios creates some of the top tier series content in Nollywood.”

One thing I am pleased with this couple for is their determination to keep the Nigerian flag flying high in any city they step into. I can’t help but marvel at their level of patriotism and unflinching support of local content. They have indeed taken Nollywood to a very high level. Kudos sir and ma.

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