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It’s not necessarily bad news for those that prefer a larger iPhone, but for the others who would love more smaller screen iPhone options — March 15 is the date to watch. Multiple Reports from 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News suggests that Cupertino iphone maker, Apple inc may have picked a march 15th date for its big product release next month.
4-inch iPhone
Lined up for the March 15 big event is the unveiling of the new iPhone 5SE — an updated version of the 4- inch iPhone 5S, the iPad Air 3 and some new Apple watch straps option. Reports indicates the event will be a low profile occasion, less hyped than Apple’s last one, which was held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The low key event may see its venue set for Apple’s Town Hall in Cupertino, the ccompany’ preferred location for announcements like these instead of Bill Graham.

Since the ipad Air 2’s debut in October 2014, this March launch of the new iPad Air 3 will probably be the first significant upgrade to Apple’s 9.7- inch tablet. The Air 3 is expected to feature iPad Pro stuffs like enhanced speakers and a Smart Connector. This indicates a potentially smaller Smart Keyboard is in the pipelines.
Rumors emmating due to Unconfirmed drawings from case maker sources of the new iPad model also points to the possibility of a rear-LED flash, making it the first for any iPad model.
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Image credit: 9to5Mac.com
For the Apple watch, rumors suggests Apple may throw in some new band lines. This will include multiple new colors for the ” rubberized Sport bands, new Hermès bands, a ‘space black’ version of the Milanese Loop, and an entirely new band line made of a new material. Supply chain sources indicate that Apple has been testing a series of “high- quality” NATO-style nylon bands for the Apple Watch” , but as the time of writing this, this rumor is yet to be confirmed from more official sources. The 9to5Mac report also suggests that Apple may be planning to reveal a second-generation Apple Watch model later this September.
The show stealer is undoubtedly going to be the new iPhone — basically an iPhone 5S with the inside of an iPhone 6S, rumored to be weirdly called the ” iPhone 5Se “. The iPhone 5Se according to familiar sources will retail for $450 a piece for the 16GB model, same price as the iPhone 5s with options for a 32GB and 64GB model too. It will feature improved cameras, support for taking Live Photos, and Apple Pay as well as boosting an A9 chip. While the internals are revamped to reflect hardware improvements made by Apple recently, the physical appearance will still very much mirror the iPhone 5s, except with a rumored possible “slightly curved edges” . By most account the iPhone 5Se is a revamped version of the 5s, most especially considering the screen size factor. With a rumored 4-inch screen , rather than towing the way of more recent iphones with larger displays — there are chances the decision may not go down well with quite a considerable percentage of the iPhone market. Nonetheless, iphone lovers who have been stucked with newer models with not necessarily preferable larger screen size may finally feel a glimer of hope.

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