Pokémon Go revenue highest

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Today is just one month and two days since Pokémon Go was first launched and already it has set new revenue records for the company, Niantic Labs, that created it. Even before the latest figures were released by the app analytics platform Sensor Tower, the world knew only a freak of nature would stop Pokémon Go from making so much revenue.

 Pokémon Go revenue highest
Pokémon Go

But still, just one month of launch is still something to marvel at.

This is in spite of the all the stories of hackers messing around with the game’s servers and the issue of crashed servers due to too much traffic. Since the game was released last month, it has been a roller coast of all kinds all stories related to the game. From the good, to the bad to the downright funny or weird. Pokémon Go has it all.

Let’s take a look at the figures and put them in perspective. Naturally, perspective is basically a matter of comparisons with other top apps.

Pokémon Go revenue highest
Pokémon Go first month worldwide revenue

First of is the gross revenue in just one month. We are talking about 200 million dollars here. From the figures released by Sensor Tower, the first two weeks saw a revenue of about $75 million. Then the figures skyrocketed to $200 million in the last fortnight.

The reason is simple. The launch of the game in Japan. Japan is regarded as the home of the game. So it was expected that the Japanese would be the most avid players of the game. And so it proved. The Japanese not only played the game more, huge in-app purchases also accompanied their commitment to the game, taking the revenue figures to that number.

Now for the perspective. Sensor Tower did a comparative analysis with two other games that are not to be sniffed at.

2016 Clash Royale

Pokémon Go revenue highest
Clash Royale

When Google organized the first ever Android awards, the clear out winner was Clash Royale in the games category. So the comparison with Pokémon Go is pitting two giants. Though the figures show a serious imbalance in favor of Pokémon Go.

In the area of downloads, Clash Royale enjoyed about 10 million downloads worldwide in its first month. Which is also phenomenal for an app released in early March.

But comparing it to Pokémon Go makes Clash Royale look like a non-starter. Pokémon Go has seen 100 million downloads since it’s launch. That is 10 times the number of Clash Royale.

And the money earned by Pokémon Go in the process is twice as much.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Pokémon Go revenue highest
Candy Crush Soda Saga

This version of Candy Crush was launched in 2014. Up to this moment, it is the highest grossing mobile game in the world. In its day, Candy Crush really crushed other games.

But side by side with Pokémon Go, it is small fry. Crush earned just about 25 million dollars in the first month of operation making Candy crush about 8 times bigger in the same time period.

And the thing about Pokémon Go is that it has not yet reached its full potential in terms of downloads and revenue. Perhaps, downloads and revenue in the top markets have plateaued in the past few weeks, but it is definitely going to spike again.

When the game is launched in countries like China, Korea and India, the second wave of Pokémon Go stats would hit the world. These are large markets for online games.

So watch this space as Niantic Labs try to iron out some bureaucratic bottle necks in these countries.

I guess by the time the game reaches Africa, the world must be jaded by all the records set by the augmented reality game. I am sure Google must still be hitting themselves in the head for allowing Niantic to exit their fold.

That kind of revenue can come in handy for any tech firm aiming to be number one.


image credit: YouTube; softonic.com; sensortower.com; mobipicker.com

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