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I saw this and I just had to ask you readers at Techproducts. An internet betting company, NaijaBet.com recently made an announcement that Nigerians can bet on when the President of the nation, Muhammadu Buhari will return from London.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the news was that “are these people using the nation’s First Citizen to play or joke?” In as much as the President’s health has been in question for a long period of time, I believe it’s not something good enough to gamble about. I tried imagining the reaction the First Lady will give when she sees such a news on the internet. I’m very much sure it won’t be nice.

Then, the company launched the game “Buhari To Return”. The game allows the individual to bet on whether President Buhari will return in the first half of August or the second half of August 2017. The company went further to announce that the game was not a medium of disrespecting the Nation’s First Citizen but is a platform to voice out the yearnings of the Nigerian people.

“We would just like to put this on record, Nigerians want their president back, we are only trying to voice the yearning of the people via the little platform we have,” the tweet from the betting company read.

I will disagree with this statement because the reason tabled down has little coherence. How will gambling on the returning of the President of Nigeria be a means of churning out the people’s cries? Well, the people of Nigeria have been known to trend on the social media most times for trivial things. This just reminds me of when the nation was compared to a zoo country by a foreigner, and Nigerians reacted, forgetting that an esteemed senator likened Nigeria to an animal kingdom. His intents were pure but you don’t do things unnoticed in this era of technological advancement.

In sequeing, what do you have to say about the betting company’s decision to bet on the President’s return?

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