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If you feel that Ampl Smart Backpack that let’s you charge your devices on the go isn’t giving you enough geeky feeling then this solar powered alternative will almost certainly do. If you’re probably thinking how a solar powered backpack will make any difference then wait for it – you’re helping save the planet or at least that’s what the UN thinks with it tonnes of green energy sermons.

Imagine entering your class, pulling out your iPhone, iPad, tablets etc and plugging them in all the available wall power outlets when there are probably a handful of your colleagues trying do get some electric juice too. In ‘not so sane’ climes, Chances are you are likely to loose a limb or two. However your Piggyback backpack gives you the free of providing your gadgets with all the juice the need on the go.
piggyback solar powered backpack
The Piggyback Solar powered backpack comes equipped with solar panels that has an output of 1000mA that you can hook up via USB to your gadgets. It also features an additional 800mAh Lithium ion battery that stores excess power for use on those cloudy days during those charging emergencies. The backpack fetures an 8” x
12” super-efficient flexible solar panel on the back to soak up the sun’s free energy and in turn gives you electricity to charge your gadgets that you are carrying inside your backpack.

solar powered backpack
Image credit: ubergizmo.com

Remember those piggyback rides you frequently got as a kid? Well As an added feature, this backpack “piggybacks” onto other bags so you can still use your favorite backpack in conjunction with the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag to carry all your books and gadgets. Straps and buckles will ensure the solar panel remains in place so that you need not have to forgo your favorite bag.

Couple this solar powered backpack backpack with a cute tent and you are sure to survive the next zombie Apocalypse. Or at least it will give you enough electric juice play some of those Mexican hit songs while you fight your way across a pack of those ugly looking creatures. That way if you don’t make it, wherever you find yourself, you just tell them over there: “I didn’t go down easy man, I went down guns music blazing”.


At a retail price of US $120 per unit, the backpack is pretty much affordable to any one with a genuinely critical need for it. Because of its piggyback design There is no need to buy a special bag with solar panel built-in in order to recharge your portable gadget while on the go. Since we all are claiming to be living eco-friendly lifes right now – or at least, the world’s population is starting to see the need of going green to protecting our environment, the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag is something worth looking into if you frequently cruise around with more gadgets than usual.
However, the backpack doesn’t pack much enough reserve electric juice. At just 800mAh it fares badly when compared to similar backpack like the Ampl smart backpack which has a 5000mAh reserve juice pack with an option for the 6000mAh, 27000mAh and 42000mAh battery capacity models. All the same I recommend the backpack for gadget freaks who are always on the go.

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