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Google’s photo management app, Google photos turned one year two days ago. So many people don’t know this photo management app started its humble beginnings from the Google+ social forum. By the way, it is a good thing Google photos was separated into an independent photo management app. It would have suffered the fate as Google+, which refused to thrive in the presence of giants like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

photo management app

To celebrate the anniversary of the cloud-based photo management app, Google is sounding the trumpets loud and clear for all to hear. And how best to celebrate than to reel out some impressive statistics in the last one year. The good thing about statistics is, one can use it any way to make a any situation look excellent. But in the case of Google Photos, manipulating the statistics to look good isn’t really necessary. The figures speak for themselves

According to the blog post to announce the event, Google photos has now reached 200 million users in just one year. This a very impressive. Equally impressive too is how long it took to reach 100 million users. Just five months. The rapid growth of Google Photos indicates two things here: people are really in need of a good photo management app and secondly, Google photos must be a pretty good app to attract so many users in such a short time. Remember, the famous Twitter has being around for over a decade and as of the first quarter of this year, had a subscriber base of 320 million. That is how fast Google photos is growing.

And what have these 200 million users being doing online in the last one year? 1.6 billionanimations, collages and movies, among other things have being created, stored or shared through the app. With that, valuable storage storage has being freed up on devices to store more photos I suppose. The storage space freed up is so huge it would take a whooping 424 years to swipe through the pictures. The figure being mentioned is 13.7 petabytes of storage space. Wrap that around your head if you can.

Google Photos’ birthday present to its teeming users is to remind them how to make the best use of the app. It is a collection/summary of the best tips and tricks in all the updates since the app was created. These are just 5 of the tips on how to optimize Google photos:

1. To fly through Google Photos on the web at, press Shift-? to see a list of keyboard shortcuts.

2. Narrow down your search results by searching for more than one thing at a time. Search for two people: “Mom and Dad,” or a person and a place: “Mom Yosemite,” a place and a thing: “Yosemite bear,” or a person and a thing: “Mom bear” to find that photo of your mama bear with the real bear.

3. Running out of Google storage? On, under settings, you can choose to convert all of your uploaded content from “Original quality” to the free “High quality” size to recover lots of space.

4. Enter your favorite emoji (? ? ? ? ) into search to pull up your corresponding photos.

5. On, easily find the photos you recently uploaded by going to search, then choosing “Show More” and then “Recently Added.”

For me, I’d always remember Google photos as the app that finally killed Picasa. Somehow, the growth and the improvements made to Google Photos just made the existence of the Picasa untenable. So after 14 years in existence, the mighty Picasa was laid to rest by an app barely a year old. But in all the updates, the most significant is the latest one about two months ago. The photo management app was made more smarter. Now it can catalogue your photos according to the place and time your took them. A pretty awesome way of helping users who have the tendency to snap away and just leave the photos to gather dust in their device’s storage.

We wish Google Photos many more ground breaking years ahead.


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