Infinix Note 4 with X Pen'

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Reports have it that Infinix is moving an inch closer to what Samsung is presently, as it is likely that they launch the Infinix Note 4 and this time, it would come with an X pen. We cannot confirm how valid this news is as it is coming from an Infinix facebook group that have pictures as backup.

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With what we can see, this device would spot 2 dual selfie camera with flash and dual rear camera at the back but the pixels are unknown at the moment. Edge-less design with Xpen. I do believe this as a nice upgrade by Infinix.

Infinix Note 4 with X Pen
Infinix Note 4 with X Pen

The Infinix Note 4 will definitely come with Android O Nougat out of the box and maybe 4GB Ram. But for now, the specificatons are not for public consumption.

Infinix Note 4 with X Pen
Infinix Note 4 with X Pen

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Isn’t it nice how there’s always a significant upgrade on every Infinix series release. Well, I think it is. Because Infinix took a step with the Note 3 to address the overheating complains by fans by adding liquid cooling system to the device.

Infinix Note 4 with X Pen
Infinix Note 4 with X Pen

Liquid cooling is not entirely new, other big brands like Samsung have been using liquid cooling on their device. And in case you are wondering, liquid cooling contains no visible liquid. It’s more of a heat pipe that simply removes the residual heat.

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Who else thinks Infinix is trying so hard to be like Samsung?

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