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With Paystack’s new feature, Paystack has applied paracetamol to merchants’ headache, and is sure to relief the ache.

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Paystack’s new feature is the enabling of merchants to directly bill customers without the need for accumulation. This means that before hand, merchants weren’t able to directly charge their customers one at a time, wherein they made their billing through Payment Pages. Payment Pages was a success but with the updating of this new feature to the service, merchants can now have easier access to collection of funds.

Paystack is a Nigerian online payment platform that lets business merchants get payments from customers using banking cards and bank transfers.

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The motive for the launch of Paystack was stated, “Having painstakingly identified the many barriers that merchants on the continent have when it comes to online payments, we have built and refined a product for Africa that we hope will act as a catalyst for the continent’s online economy, be it on-demand services, ecommerce, travel & hospitality, financial services or entertainment. We know Africa’s digital economy has potential, many billions of dollars of potential, we simply need to unlock it and make businesses work better, faster and more effectively. Paystack will do this,” Shola Akinlade, CEO of Paystack.

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So, this purpose has now received more vigor with the new simplicity, that is direct collection of funds. Other features such as notifications, payment request description and even reminders are now available.

Before this new update, Paystack had added updated its features with the integrated payment solution with Shopify. Also, the startup had also updated its service with “Transaction Timeline”, to enable in-depth understanding of unfinished or forgotten transactions, thereby removing transaction roadblocks with the data provided.

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The new feature which is named “Payment Requests” can be accessed on the sidebar of the platform.

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