The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, nicknamed “The Grenade” device almost prompted a Virgin America pilot make a diversion decision after a passenger played a Samsung Note 7 prank.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A passenger aboard a Virgin America flight 358 from San Francisco headed to Boston noticed a WiFi hotspot named “Galaxy Note 7_1097” and immediately raised the attention of the Cabin crew. At that point, they crew were of the thought that the “device” was not only on the plane, but was also in use.


The crew requested the owner of the device come forward but no one did. According to what Lucas Woiciechowski, a passenger on the flight, told BBC, it was announced that unless the owner of the device unveils himself, they would have no choice but to “turn on the lights and search everyone’s bag until they find it (the Note 7)”.


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When no confession was forthcoming, the captain threatened to divert the plane to a nearby airport, according to Lucas. This threat got to the culprit, prankster in this case, and made him open up rather than have the flight diverted. Perhaps it dawned on him that the prank wasn’t worth the risk. However, it was discovered that the device wasn’t a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 afterall, only a mobile hotspot rrenamed after the device… a prank that almost prompted an impromptu emergency landing.


In a statement released by Virgin America concerning the incident, they said “The DoT has banned the transport of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board all U.S aircraft, and Virgin America actively informs guests that they should not bring these devices onboard. As such, when our In-flight teammates see potential evidence of this device onboard, they take it seriously”

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