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Paper_GridView_Student Paper by FiftyThree is a sketching app, the just released third of the app, Paper 3 builds on the foundation to become a more full-fledged note-taking and brainstorming app with a lot of new features. And it now runs on the iPhone after previous running on an iPad-only app. the app is one of the best apps out there for showing just how good Apple’s tablet was for creating beautiful artwork, with your finger or the Paper’s Pencil accessory.

A well-timed to announce its debut on the iPhone on Thursday. The company will now naturally support Apple’s Stylus with its software. And Apple is reciprocating by featuring FiftyThree’s Paper on its iPad Pro pages. Let’s take a closer look at what this new version has to offer.

When you launch the app on your iPhone, you’ll see the evidence of the app’s evolution. The app now  really want you to focus on ideas than can take the form of  sketches, photos, text notes or the combination of the three. Tapping the plus button at the bottom of the screen launches a text entry field by default for you to jot down notes on, but the app has included a few nice features here to elevate things beyond the many note-taking apps already out there. After typing a line of text, you can hold and swipe across it to get some different formatting options.

Swipe to format is a big deal on the app. In terms of tweaking text within a touch screen UI, it could be the pull to refresh the tablet word processing age. Other apps are actually going to copy the gesture, and  it’s a neglected point, buried halfway through FiffyThree press release. Swiping to the left makes the text bigger and bolder; swiping to the right adds either a standard bullet point or a check box for to-do lists.

The Features:

Text, Photos, and Sketching – Each note has the option to take a photo, type a note, or sketch out your idea. 3050902-inline-3050902-slide-s-6-the-sketching-app-paper-is-now-on-the-iphone
Swipe to Style – A ground-breaking new feature that lets you create fast lists, bullet points, or headlines with a simple swipe of your finger.
Photo Spotlight – A new filter that lets you easily spotlight the area in photos and screenshots that you want to call attention to.
Sketch – All the power of Paper’s award-winning tools to write, sketch, diagram, and graph are now in your pocket.
Diagram – Paper recognizes and corrects shapes drawn, making it easy to create presentation-ready shapes for charts, diagrams, flows, and more.
Grid View – grid view means text, photos, and sketches live together in a grid that shows you everything at once and can be rearranged into presentations, outlines, or storyboards.
Spaces – Organize your ideas into separate Spaces that you can name and customize with a cover image. Make as many Spaces as you want.
Universal App – Paper is a universal app that works across iPads and iPhones that run iOS8+.
Pencil – Connect Pencil, FiftyThree’s award-winning Bluetooth stylus, for a faster and more natural way to sketch out your ideas.

Paper“If look at the spiritual source of [Paper for iPhone], it borrows heavily from the sticky note—not the physical sticky note, but what people do with sticky notes, Composing quick ideas. Brainstorms. Reminding themselves of something. Then we realized we were onto something big, that marked a fundamental shift of behavior. This wasn’t a sticky note anymore, this became a different beast. Through the cellphone camera, [people] became much more visually attuned. We didn’t build a desktop publishing app, we didn’t build a word processor. This is our take: an idea processor. If you want to lay something out quickly, you’ll sketch it. If you want to take notes, you’ll do it”. FiftyThree’s CEO Georg Petschnigg

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