opera power saving mode

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Opera power saving mode has being announced today as the latest feature to be added to the Opera browser for PC users. Like most of the recent upgrades to the browser, the new opera power saving mode will first be tested in the developer edition of the next version of Opera browser: the Opera 39 for all systems operating under the Windows or Mac OS.

opera power saving mode

Making the announcement of this bold claim today, Pawel Miniewicz of Opera wrote in a blog post that:

“Running out of battery is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you while browsing. Whether you are traveling, watching videos, or you have just left your charger behind, the icon showing that your battery is dying is something none of us really want to see when we have important things to do online.

Luckily, since people spend almost all their time in their web browser and relatively speaking little time in other desktop applications, this is something we can do something about. Some months ago, we asked our browser engine team to start tuning Opera in order to give people people more hours of browsing when on the move.”

If your have the developer version of the browser on your PC or Mac, enabling the Opera power saving mode is easy. Once power is cut off to the laptop, a battery icon would appear beside the search and address bar in the browser. Just click the icon and flip the switch to the ‘on’ position to activate the power saving feature. Also, in case your forget to enable the opera power saving mode, the browser would remind you to do so at 20% battery power level. I think that is a little too late to remind me to switch on the feature. I hope there is a provision in the settings where this can be adjusted to say, 80% of battery power left.

According to them, the opera power saving mode was made possible because of several tweaks made to the browser’s coding. The tweaks optimized power through:

  • Reduced activity in background tabs
  • Waking CPU less often due to more optimal scheduling of JavaScript timers
  • Automatically pausing unused plug-ins
  • Reduced frame rate to 30 frames per second
  • Tuning video-playback parameters and forcing usage of hardware accelerated video codecs
  • Paused animations of browser themes


opera power saving modeFrom the flurry of activities going on in Opera with all the recent updates, once is tempted to believe all these might be connected to fact that the management of Opera is trying to sell the firm to a Chinese consortium. This is a numbers game. Attract more users through downloads to make the browser more attractive to investors. And opera is certainly doing its bit to get more users recently.

Though, the recent integration of an ads blocker will definitely attract more users, I don’t know how that will be received by a consortium of hard-nosed businessmen who might view ads as a veritable source of income. On the other hand, integrating a VPN service would work for everybody concerned except companies like Netflix. I see Opera getting many more users when the native VPN is released fully to the general public. I can’t wait to jump on board when that happens.

And they are well on their way to making the VPN comprehensive according to the blog post:

“In addition to the power saving mode, we have worked on improving the browser VPN experience. After the initial developer release of the integrated VPN feature in our Opera browser, we got tons of positive feedback and suggestions from you. One of the most common requests we heard was to to make it easier to browse with some websites in VPN mode, while at the same time keep browsing other websites with VPN turned OFF . We also realized many people really wanted to use our browser VPN in combination with private browsing. So, we have changed the VPN feature to be part of our private browsing mode.”

As for the opera power saving mode, I am yet to be convinced it actually works the way opera is claiming. The claims of test they did is somehow suspect. Their test showed that the Opera power saving mode when activated increased battery life by almost 50%. This result is relative to the Chrome browser of course. So my battery, which can power my laptop for just one hour thirty minutes can be made to last up to 2 hours? Interesting.

As for when the Opera power saving mode would be made available to the general public, Opera did not say anything about that. So for now, only those with the developer version can test and enjoy this feature if it actually works as claimed.


photo credit: express.co.uk; zdnet.com

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