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From the look of things, taxi apps seem to be the trending talk in town. From Uber to Taxify to Tule Taxi, the list goes on and on and on. The taxi app that’s hot on the lips at the moment is “Oga Taxi”. Oga Taxi is an app that concentrates on transporting passengers in Nigeria. It recently launched a new app that allows passengers know who they’re going to ride with; the feature is termed “social ride-pooling”.

Running a system that provides fare rates that’s fair to both parties i.e the passenger and the driver, Oga Taxi is poised to give Nigerians quick and safe transportation suited to comfort the passengers.

For now, Oga Taxi  is operating  in Lagos, Rivers and Abuja.  “Oga members”, the name its customers are called were ensured more efficient transportation when Oga Taxi increased its fleet of cars by adding 50 new ones.

“Pool-riding” is what the startup has been intending to implement for some time now. The major setback which they’ve encountered is customers not knowing who they are pooled to ride with. This setback has been tackled by the new app.

The news that pool-riding feature has been added to the Oga Taxi’s system doesn’t wipe out the solo drive. Instead, it gives riders the choice of selecting the type of driving system in which they’ll love to book. Riders can now choose either the classic i.e solo drive or the pool-riding. The app comes with a re-designed interface that eases this access.

“We wanted to introduce pooled rides and at the same time address the most common problem with them, which is that passengers do not know who their fellow passenger will be. By introducing social ride-pooling we hope to address this issue, and finally give passengers choice,” said Michael Nnamadim, CEO of Oga Taxi.

The selection of a pooled ride comes with a guaranteed 40% discount. Users that choose the pooled ride now get to choose who they’ll ride with. The system uses its matching algorithm to suggest profiles of individuals that might ply that same route or a similar route.

The new app is supported by Splyt global roaming API. This API makes cross-bookings between ride-hailing companies possible. The app is developed by London-based startup company “Splyt”. This feature simply enables Oga Members that must have travelled outside the country to get a ride from another ride-providing service simply by booking the ride on the app. This feature can only be enabled if the other ride-providing service is also supported by Splyt global roaming API.

We can see from this new development that Oga Taxi is looking to expand its territories by operating in more cities in Nigeria as well as having an international feel.

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