Smartphone giant and manufacturer, Samsung have come forward to confirm that poor battery design coupled with a rush to release an updated version of the device (Samsung Note 7) caused some of the Note 7 units to overheat and in turn resulted into explosio.

In summary, the Note 7’s battery (The one from Samsung SDI) was too large for the phone and this provided little space/room between the heat-sealed protective pouch around the battery and its internals; which caused the explosion. In a bid to correct this, Samsung made a move by  switching to a different battery supplier (Batteries sourced from Amperex Technology Limited). Sadly, this didn’t prove helpful as a completely different production flaw was introduced — some cells were missing insulation tape, and some batteries had sharp protrusions inside the cell that led to damage to the separator between the anode and cathode.

They’ve also released an infographic that seeks to explain the whole problem in detail:


Now, Samsung plans to create and assemble teams to own the crucial final checks for each device’s core component, and putting batteries through an 8-point test including durability testing, visual inspection, x-rays, charge and discharge tests, tests of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), disassembling tests, accelerated usage tests, and open circuit voltage.


They say “Once bitten, twice shy”, I guess Samsung is the lastest victim of such saying.

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