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Digital healthcare startup, Numa Health has introduced a mobile phone based AI (Artificial Intelligence) personal healthcare assistant.

The healthcare assistant known as “AskNuma” will interact with the user and give diagnosis based on the outcome of the interactions. The assistant doesn’t stop there; it then connects the user to a reliable healthcare facility within the vicinity.

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According to the co-founders Dr. Tobi Obisanya and Anthony Ajose, the platform is operated on by a vast database of health information in which users can get access to at anytime.

AskNuma co-founder, Dr. Tobi Obisanya said, “In maternal health, over 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age die daily in Nigeria and according to UN figures, Nigeria contributes to over 10% of the maternal mortality figures globally. These figures highlight the wider issues and challenges in the Nigerian healthcare system and exist due to fragmentation in the healthcare system, a lack of information regarding healthcare options and a lack of basic medical records.”

Anthony Ajose, co-founder of the platform added,  “Numa directly addresses these gaps in healthcare provision by leveraging existing healthcare resources with novel technology, increasing access to healthcare for patients and caregivers. Our personal automated health assistant is accessible via AskNuma.com, patients can manage minor conditions while securely and confidentially connecting to verified healthcare professionals and services when needed for further treatment locally.”

AskNuma co-founder Dr. Tobi ingeminated that the poor state of health of a wide number of patients is caused by lack of information and poor supporting healthcare infrastructure.

Even the Special Adviser to the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Seun Omobo said, “Nigeria is at a stage where everyone is now aware that technology will significantly advance healthcare and we encourage companies like this to come up with innovative solutions to promote health. Electronic health records of patients and telehealth medicine are very important as they give people in rural and remote areas have access to health.”

In September 2016, reports from Enabling eHealth Technology in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana shows that Kenya,South Africa and Ghana are the leading nations in eHealth and telemedicine.

The gap between Nigeria and these nations in terms of eHealth has been bridged a little if not entirely with the introduction of AskNuma.

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