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So a company in North Korea has decided to launch a tablet, but that’s not a problem. They have also decided to name it iPad, which is a registered trademark of popular company Apple. However, Apple cannot do anything about it.

Just before you get your hopes too high on what the North Korean iPad has in store for you, talking about specs, let me quickly burst your bubble and tell you that it isn’t anything like the Apple iPad.

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The North Korean technology company — Myohhang now has to its name the first device launched out of North Korea that directly uses Apple branding. Though still yet, it all seem like Apple are handicapped as to what to do about it.

Ryonghung iPad
Ryonghung iPad

The Ryonghung iPad has been designed to let users read the news, work on documents and use more than 40 pre-installed apps, including one that can diagnose 1,200 ailments and suggest remedies.

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powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, the iPad comes packing 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. In the box is an HDMI cable and a keyboard, along with “network capabilities”. These are very low specs compared to the Apple iPad.

Taking a deep look at the tablet, we would affirm that it isn’t worth to be called one as it resembles a kids play laptop. But we do not expect North Korea to know this as they are practically locked away from the rest of the world. The North Korean people too are sure to accept anything as the real thing. They need the internet in their lives.

Just so we know, Apple’s copyright guidelines doesn’t give room for this as you would read below, but North Korea isn’t one to care about that.

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‘You may not use or register, in whole or in part, Apple, iPod, iTunes, Macintosh, iMac, or any other Apple trademark,’ the guidelines state, ‘including Apple-owned graphic symbols, logos, icons, or an alteration thereof, as or as part of a company name, trade name, product name, or service name except as specifically noted in these guidelines.’

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