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Is the NoRoot firewall the best firewall app for android phones? For many people, the answer is a loud ‘Yes!’. Tech and android enthusiasts can easily point to the awesome Droidwall as a very very good firewall with its simple GUI as the best out there.  But then, Droidwall is restricted to only rooted phones.

NoRoot  firewall

Like the name implies, NoRoot firewall can be used without the need to root your device. This is important because some people are skeptical about the benefits of rooting an Android phone. But even at that, some phones are not rootable, so for these phones and the unrooted ones, NoRoot firewall is simply a lifesaver.

One of the most common  complain among new users of Android smartphones is the data consumption rate of their  Android phone. NoRoot firewall is a third party application designed  to solve the problem of unnecessary data consumption.

There is a simple explanation to what causes data to deplete rapidly in Android phones. Most of the apps, whether free or paid, are designed to connect to the internet to be able to upgrade  and, in most of the free apps, to display online ads on your device. All these require data. And it is done automatically without your knowledge.

This is where a third party app like a firewall comes in. Firewalls basically blocks apps from connecting to the internet and using up your data without your permission.

NoRoot firewall works by creating a virtual private network, VPN, on your Android smartphone and channels all internet access through It. From the General User interface (GUI), you can then chose which apps can get access to your data.

To install NoRoot firewall in your smartphone, just go to  Google’s Playstore on your phone and search for it. Then tap install. Playstore would automatically download and install It on your device. You can also get it from other trusted sites like this one if you don’t want to go through Playstore. After the installation, open the app and grant it all the necessary permissions and click OK.

NoRoot firewall

The first thing you notice about NoRoot firewall is that It is an uncomplicated app that is easy to tweak in the settings panel. Grant the app permission to always start-up automatically anytime you switch on your phone. This is to make sure the app is always on. The next step is to tick the apps that you want to have access to the internet. That way, even those background apps are neatly and effectively blocked from using up your data in the background without your knowledge. If at anytime in the future you want these blocked apps to have access to the internet,  you can simply tick them in NoRoot firewall.

NoRoot Firewall

The major downside of NoRoot firewall is that It is not designed  to work with a 4G network. But since 4G is not yet fully deployed in Nigeria,  this minor glitch would have no adverse expect on the performance of the app. It is hoped that before we get 4G here, the developers of this wonderful firewall would have fixed that bug.

So that’s it. You now have a wonderful app in your unrooted android smartphone that does the simple but essential task of making sure your money is not wasted.

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