Nokia 2
Nokia 2
Nokia 2

Nokia which is finnish multinational communications, information technology and consumer electronics company which is headquartered in Espoo, Uusimaa  in Helsinki metropolitan area made the introduction of a new Nokia Smartphone release; the Nokia 2 which also happens to be a cost effective smartphone particularly as Nokia plans to make a point with it.

The Smartphone which has the following specifications to its credit such as a five (5) inch HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 chipset, An 8MP back camera and five MP front camera. It also comes with an 8GB of onboard memory that can be expanded through a microSD.

It comes loaded with the Android Nougat version, Google Assistant and dual SIM and last but not least a whopping 4100 mAh of battery power which can keep the device on for over twenty four hours and Random Access Memory. Unfortunately, a device believed by Nokia to be cost effective and yet sells for a whole forty two (42) thousand naira or Ninety nine (99) pounds. Nokia plans to make a statement with this and indeed at that cost but the problem is what kind of statement will be made?

All the same the device is basically a Smartphone that is simple and has a large battery capacity which quite a number of people agree that just that is not good enough at all in generation and time when much more is a regular and standard offer in the smartphone industry


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