As you all know, Nokia as a whole have been making all sorts of headlines in the last couple of weeks (Their Patent war with Apple Inc., their proposed first Android device to be released by February 2017 etc). Now Nokia is in the news again, but this time, the images to their upcoming first Android devices (Nokia D1 and Nokia E1) have surfaced online as a leak.

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Looking at the images below, you’ll get to see two sketches, the first image shows the Nokia D1, while the second one is supposed to represent the Nokia E1. The Nokia D1 and Nokia D1C have been popping up on various sites for quite some time, while the Nokia E1 surfaced quite recently for the first time.


These two sketches are quite similar and identical design-wise but there is one important difference to note; the Nokia D1 has a front-facing fingerprint scanner, while the Nokia E1 does not. It is also worthy of note that the Nokia D1 is a bit more curved on the sides than the E1.

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The D1 and E1 both posses identical back and capacitive touchscreen buttons (back and multitasking buttons) which are both flanked beside the home key button. However, the home key on the Nokia E1 seems to be shaped circular while the Nokia D1 has an oval-shaped home button which also doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

A more closer look at the sketches would reveal the NOKIA logo neatly placed at the upper right corner on both devices. Lovely placement I must say. Also, word is both devices are most likely to come in a 5-inch and 5.5-inch variants. However, it is still not 100% clear whether that means that the Nokia D1 will land in two variants, or will the Nokia D1 sport a 5-inch display, and Nokia E1 a 5.5-inch.

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First Nokia-branded smartphones are expected to land in the first quarter of 2017, probably during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January

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