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Just imagine that fluidity and ease in booking hotels for a journey that you haven’t embarked upon. You definitely know that’s a cool stuff. Well, that’s what Nitestay.com brings to the table. Nitestay.com is a Nigerian online booking platform that allows you to book hotels in different destinations.

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However, there’s something new about the platform for Nigerians that travel across the continent. The new update is that Nigerians can now book hotels in those areas where they are travelling to even before reaching there. Take for instance, a Nigerian preparing to travel to Accra, Ghana, can book a hotel in Accra right from the Nigerian borders. That’s just the simplified form of the platform’s development.
The Founder and CEO of Nitestay.com, Femi Okanla while speaking to TechCity said the expansion to other African cities was ignited by the demand from the startup’s customers that are outside the country. He also made it known that the expansion was also a part of the startup’s planned project.
The CEO of the startup was also asked why such a move (booking right from the Nigerian soil, even before the journey begins) was made when the customers can just make the bookings when they arrive in the target location. He gave a good answer to that question.
“Most travelers prefer a well planned trip either for business or leisure. The convenience and assurance a desired hotel is secured prior to their arrival is significant to the travel experience for many,” he stated. “Our focus has always been to improve on the ease of travel around Africa through convenient and reliable service.”
The ease with which the bookings can be made was also attributed to the hotels in the African cities. Mr. Femi Okanla stated that the reception from the hotels in these African cities was very homely. He went further to add that the hotels were very happy to receive Nigerian travelers. This acted as a major determinant in the achievement of such a feat.
Kudos to CEO Femi Okanla for this new development!

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