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Congratulations to the winner of the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. The winner of the coveted Prize is Nigeria’s Tuteria.

The Nigerian startup, which is an edtech startup is a digital market place for learning which allows students connect to teachers within a reasonable prize range.

The Prize is an innovative competition that seeks to reward incredible efforts and innovations from Africans across the continent.

Sixteen innovators were represented at the competition. These 16 different innovators are from eight countries in Africa. The innovators had their fair share of mentorship as well as training for half a year. The mentorship and training was to groom the innovators for unforeseen challenges in the world of innovation. Following the mentorship and training classes, the innovators were trimmed down to four finalists who were to partake in the concluding phase of the Prize.

This year’s concluding phase of Prize was held at an awards ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya on the 23rd of May. It was at the Awards ceremony that Nigeria’s startup, Tuteria was high flying and raised the country’s flag well.

Malcolm Brinded CBE FREng, head judge of the contest was enthralled by the innovation from Godwin Benson – Tuteria. Malcom believes the innovation is a game-changing and impactful innovation.

“Godwin Benson’s Tuteria invention changes the way Nigerians – and Africans – share knowledge and skills with one another. We’re proud to have him as our third Africa Prize winner, and we trust Tuteria will go on to change the lives of millions of people who are eager to learn and develop new skills,” said Malcom.

He added, “His engineering innovation is not only new technology, but also a new way of thinking about education. Benson has successfully incorporated the training of the past six months into his project, and we are eager to watch Tuteria grow on the continent.”

Other winners who received $13,000 each are: Yaaka Digital Learning from Uganda, Green Tower Microgrid from South Africa and Mobi-Water from Kenya.

Tuteria was founded by Godwin Benson, a systems engineer. Lots and lots of things can be learned on the Tuteria platform which ranges from sewing clothes, learning new languages, learning playing of instaruments and so much more. All this just comes at the expense of a tutor. Tuteria connects the student to a suitable tutor within the student’s pay range. Impressive, I must say because the startup considers fully well the economic pockets of the users.

The prize money won by Tuteria for coming top of the pack was $28,000.

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