The Nigerian Communications Commission made known on Tuesday that the number of internet users in Nigeria’s telecommunications networks had reduced to 93.2 million by October. NCC made this information available to the public  in its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data for the month of October.
From the data released, it was revealed that internet users on both Global System for Mobile communications and Code Division Multiple Access networks had decreased by 391,679 in October.
The report also showed that of the 93.2 million internet users in October, 93.1 million were on GSM networks, while 38,309 users were on CDMA networks.
Futhermore, the GSM service providers lost 378,015 internet customers after recording 93.1 million users in October, as against 93.5 million it recorded in September, a significant 400,000 decrease in internet customer base.
The CDMA operators lost 13,664 internet users, after recording 38,309 in October as against the 51,973 recorded in the month of September.
NCC’s report also made the revelation that MTN had 32.4 million subscribers browsing the internet on its network. The commission explained that MTN recorded a decrease of 306,480 internet subscribers in October, after recording 32.7 million in September.
In the same vein of loss, Etisalat also had its own share of decline in internet subscriber base. The data showed that Etisalat had 14.7 million customers who browsed the internet in October as against the 15.1 million users recorded in September, a significant decrease of 369,158 users.
According to the data, Globacom has 27.2 million customers surfing the net on its network in October, giving an increase of 297,623 users, from the 26.9 million that surfed the internet on the network in September.
Airtel had 18.8 million internet users in October, the same it recorded in September. The same scenario applied to Multilinks (For the record, I had no idea they still existed and were still operating in Nigeria). Well, Multi-Links had just four internet users in October, same as the users recorded in September.
The NCC data revealed that the CDMA operators, Multi-Links and Visafone, had a joint total of 38,309 internet users on their networks in October. It showed that the only two surviving CDMA networks in the country recorded a decrease of 13,664 internet subscribers in the month under review from the 51,973 users they recorded in September.
According to the data, Visafone has a decrease of 13,664 customers surfing the internet in October, as it has 38,305, compared to the 51,969 users in the month of September. Quite huge!

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