Nigeria presidency opens nairaland account to surprise of many

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Nigeria presidency opens nairaland account to surprise of many
Nigeria presidency opens nairaland account to surprise of many Nigerians

The first time I read the news from TechCabal, I was like maybe in the dream, because anyone predicting this event, is like saying a mallam digging well in Lagos, will be the richest in the world in the next 24 hours. It is impossible. Nairaland is one of the biggest forum in the world with well over 1 million registered users upto 100 millions pageviews every month For presidency to have thought to registered an official account on nairaland, is a good idea, but everyone knows that Nairaland is a den of criticisms, if you are not strong enough you might end of to commit sui–de with just a reply from someone who disagrees with your view, opinion or logic.

When I checked the account www.nairaland/presidency, already there have been two posts from, has spent more two hours with account opened on 8th of June 2016. We pray whoever runs the account to have the courage and fortitude to post daily about the daily happenings in Aso rock.


I like it. It makes a lot of sense for a government who desperately needs to prove it’s not tone-deaf to start engaging directly, actively with many of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. And it appears it’s already working – Nigerian Twitter users have generally positive reactions to the news. Between their active Twitter account (which is curiously named We ASOcial), Facebook and their newsletter, I daresay that Tolu and the rest of the media team appear to be doing a swell job.

But here’s the thing. The Nairaland community has a reputation for being the most hostile collection of people on the Nigerian interwebs – even more so, than Linda Ikeji’s comments section. Seriously.

Meanwhile @AsoRock has gone to the a place without chill. I wish them well on Nairaland. 

@AO1379 @AsoRock LOL . Hostility on that platform has no rivalry the PRESIDENCY Profile adminitrator has a lot to bear with

When I think about the Nigerian government opening an account on Nairaland, a cow walking innocently into a den of hungry lions comes to mind. It’ll take a miracle for them not to attempt to “engage aggressively” with it. I imagine whoever will be tasked with managing the profile will have an…interesting time.


Credits. TechCabal

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