Richard Quest'

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In a very recent visit, the popular Richard Quest visited Nigeria and made some very important and real statements which we would be taking a look at.

He arrived in Nigeria last week to showcase the enormous potential in the country to a wider audience. During his visit, he emphasised the decadence in Nigeria and how much potential we are wasting away.

Richard Quest
Richard Quest

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Answering a question about if Nigeria needs a Silicon Valley model, Quest says…

“Of course, yes she does! The issue is if Nigeria is ready for it? NO. There can’t be a Silicon Valley if power, bad roads, a place where people want to go and live — an enabling environment for creative professionals to work from — are not a thing of the past.  If all these are tackled aggressively and infrastructure is built, Nigeria will begin to attract the right people from outside, where creative people will strive”.

Recall that there have been doubts in the past few weeks if yaba, Lagos could be Nigeria’s Silicon Valley or not. Many have opined in the positive, while others think totally otherwise.

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Also speaking on how bad a consuming nation Nigeria is, Richard Quest says that…

“Computer village is known for being the home of gadgets in Nigeria. The sad reality is that they don’t create, develop or manufacture these gadgets. With the establishments of companies like Afrione — Nigeria’s foremost smartphone assembly plant — more potential lies in technology for Nigeria. Technology has the capacity to solve 80% of Nigeria’s problems if the right structures are built”.

He concluded by saying that the success of Nigeria lies in the youths and the entrepreneurs, how much they are able to come together to fix the problems around, amidst all the diversity and government lapses. He also said that tech-enabled startups and businesses should look inwards and solve the problems of their people rather than copy a tech solution from the West.

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To be honest, I totally agree with Richard’s sentiments and I advocate that we should start doing things in very different ways from now.

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