With 2016 fast coming to an end, one would definitely not expect any new product, devices or innovation from any tech company. This is exactly the same with Google Inc, as they plan to give customers an early new year present immediately or as soon as 2017 comes to life.


For anyone who is very conversant with the tech world at large, it would be agreeable that “Smartwatches” are currently going through a hard time penetrating the technology market, hearts and even mind of customers out there. You know why? “Why would I incure extra cost to purchase a watch that can only outdo or outperform my smartphone in only a very little area of needs? Or a watch that my phone outperform?” This is the response of most tech users and tech product lovers according to a survey.

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There have been rumours and speculations sometimes around June that Google have plans to release Smartwatches into the market. Well, Google have finally confirmed the speculations to be true. In an interview with TheVerge, Google’s Android Wear Product Manager, Jeff Chang confirmed the release of these watches by January. However, contrary to what was expected, these new smart watches will not be launching with the Google brand (Pixel) but instead by their manufacturers, Nexus.

These two new devices will be the first to have access to the 2nd version of Android Wear (Android Wear 2.0) and will also debut some of the new features. The most relevant and most promising of these features are the possibility of making payments directly from the Smartwatches through NFC. A bad one from Google as several other brands already have this feature incorporated in their Smartwatches… this is not in anyway a novel feature from Google.


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Right after the 2017 release of these Smartwatches, Android Wear 2.0 will be released for the remaining models already on the market. Of course, not everyone will receive this version, leaving the older ones out.

With the tech giant Apple and Samsung already playing a strong role of dominance and development in the smartwatches business, Google has a long way to plow if they ever want to be considered as Smartphone giants too. In the meantime, let’s keep our heads high and fingers crossed as we await January.

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