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Popular mobile phone manufacturer TECNO does not have its success limited to production of smartphones only but has achieved profound success in Boom Player, a music download and streaming platform. Well, Boom Player now has now been updated with fresh features by TECNO and now has a new name.

Containing good music from Africa’s best as well as promising young artists and International artists, Boom Player boasts a platform that can establish a sustainable music ecosystem in Africa. Users can download and stream music and music videos. Behind the scenes, interviews from popular artists are also available to users on these platform.

Building the largest sustainable music community is Boom Player’s purpose. Its entry into the app world was last year when it was launched on the Google Play Store. 1 million downloads landmark is what Boom Player hit on the Google Play Store early this year. This didn’t get TECNO to relax, instead, TECNO made an announcement they were going to add more features to the app pretty soon. These features to be added by TECNO came from the notion that it’ll add more DAU’s (Daily active users) and to ensure Boom Player gets more installs.

The new features announced by TECNO has now been released. Boom Player now has an updated version on the Play Store. The features came along with a new name. Boom Player will now be called “Boomplay”. Considering how cool the name sounds, you’ll begin to wonder how cool the features are – it really is.

Users can now be more updated with recent events in the entertainment world with the “Buzz” section that has now been added. Music discovery has also been made simpler with the new classy user interface which also make the app more user-affable.

“It became more and more important for us to create a more beautiful app with a global standard as our user base grew. We recently celebrated a milestone of reaching over 1 million installations in Google Play store and we wanted to give music lovers a more personal feel while ensuring all user complaints and requests are adequately attended to and implemented in the new version. We listened and made it happen and we are very glad the feedback has been awesome so far,” said Boomplay General Manager of Operations, Oye Akideinde.

The most interesting feature added to beautify this app is the “social feature” which allows the app users to follow celebrities, each other. Users can also get to know, listen and download other users music playlists on Boomplay. Big improvement from TECNO’s online music platform I have to commend.

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