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Though the show stealer for Apple’s rumored March 15 new product announcement will probably be the unveiling of the new iPhone 5se — rumored to be a 4inch sized smartphone — another notable expectation is the new iPad — the iPad Air 3. Apple fans are already excited about the potential announcement of the new iPad Air 3 which will reportedly sport a 9.7-inch screen and will also borrow some of the features of the iPad Pro. The Air 3 is expected to feature iPad Pro stuffs like enhanced speakers and a Smart Connector. Leaked images of the iPad Air 3 shows that the upcoming tablet will look like a smaller version of the iPad Pro. The tablet will have quad-speakers with an enhanced stereo audio output in portrait and landscape orientations, the rumors claimed. The
tablet Will also reportedly be powered with an A- series processor, preferably the A9X used in the iPad Pro. The iPad will likely accommodate its own Smart Keyboard case, and a touchscreen that supports the Apple Pencil. Report by 9to5mac indicate that the iPad Air 3 will come with a “possibility of a rear-LED flash,” which will extend the usefulness of the tablet’s camera. The new Apple tablet is set to compete with Microsoft’s Windows 10-powered Surface 3 tablet, the report also claimed.
iPad Air 3
Image credit: Neurogadget.com
Since Apple is currently limiting its 3D Touch technology to its iPhone lines, its highly unlikely to see an IPad Air 3 screen spotting the tech. The tablet is also rumored to run on iOS 9 and as soon as the iOS 10 will be available, the users will also be able to make the upgrade. The battery of the iPad Air 3 is also rumored to last more than ten hours.

apple iPad 4 mini
Image credit: Sarah Tew/CNET.com

Rumors from Tech blog — Neurogadget — hints that thr ipad air 3 will also be slimmer and sleeker compared to its predecessor. This improvement will allow users to carry the device much more easily while able play games and read content in a more comfortable manner. Since the ipad Air 2’s debut in October 2014, the rumored March launch of the new iPad Air 3 — if it goes through — will probably be the first significant upgrade to Apple’s 9.7- inch tablet. Other Rumors emmating due to Unconfirmed
drawings from case maker sources of the new iPad model also ones again point to the possibility of a rear-LED flash, making it the first for any iPad model.
There is still no hint on possible pricing for the iPad Air 3, but if the iPad Air 3 is slotted to replace the iPad Air 2, its plausible to expect a price tag comparable to it predecessor — the Air 2. The 16GB model of the iPad Air 2 cost around $500, with capacity going up to as high 128GB. Following previous trends the 64GB iPad Air 3 will likely cost around $700. For those that need a keyboard and perharps also want the Apple Pencil — The Apple Pencil retails for $100, while the Smart Keyboard cover for the iPad Pro is $170. Its also plausible to expect the iPad Air 3’s Smart Keyboard to be comparably priced. Apple generally releases its iPads during a September event along side a flagship iPhone. However, for the iPad Air 3, it seems Apple is going for a rather low profile March 15 release with the tablets hitting the stores after few days or a maximum of two months.

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