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Long Road trips are sometimes very exciting, but the excitement dwindles gradually when the trip gets less fun. One of the best way to kill the boredom is to pull out your smartphone, tablet or any gaming device and “play off” the entire journey. Unfortunately, these devices rarely carry enough electric juice to last the entire journey. More often than less, the battery power last only part of the journey and then ‘snooze off’ when you need it the most. But what if there was a cool way to charge your entertainment gadgets on the go ? What is there was a light wearable power bank you could move around with?
 wrist charger
The Universal wrist charger may be the answer to these questions. The 82g (weight) charger straps comfortably to your wrist and plugs in to just about any
electronic device and you won’t even notice its there. The wrist charger is compatible with nearly every device with a USB port. When low or out of electric juice, the charger can rejuice your smartphone, MP3, gaming gadgets, tablet or any
device compatible with mini USB. The charger comes bundled with nine chargers, from the PSP and the DSi to the iPhone and both Nokia adapters. Listed below are the chargers the universal wrist charger comes packed with, but you can always get an extra if you device doesn’t fit any of the profile.

iOS Devices
2mm Nokia II
3.5mm Nokia I
Mini USB (for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3 and MP4 devices)
Samsung i900
Sony Ericsson
Sony PSP
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 3DS

 universal gadget wrist charger

It may seem like it but the universal wrist charger is not a motion-powered generator which tops up its battery from the movements of your wrist. So just in case you had such ideas, it’s good to set the record straight that you ain’t getting no extra electric juice even after moving your wrist for a billion times. The wrist charger gets power from a 1,500mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. The concept of wrist mounting is mostly for convenience, portability and well…well to look cool. But then again, I personally have an issue with the “over geeky look” of the charger. Ok, I know you probably think everybody is a critic these days but please here me out. Apologies to my Arab readers but when wearing the charger as a middle easterner in a public place its very important to stamp a huge sticker on your back that says “hei..Am not a terrorist” because belive me its looks like a freaking bomb from those 1990 SciFi. ( am slightly exagerrating here).

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The Universal Gadget Wrist Charger reaches full charge in two to three hours. Depending on the capacity of the device you’re charging the charger can achieve varying number of full device charges. For instance it can fully charge an iPhone 4 with a simultaneous five hours of intense use with some electric juice still left in the charger.

wrist chager
Charge your smartphone or gaming gadgets while you play your favourite games.

Once it is fully charged, four bright LED circles on the charger is lit up. The charger can be charged via USB, which you can charge it using your laptop, wall socket or via another USB device. The charger cost about $28.99 (US) on Amazon.

**Main Features:
Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery
(1,500mAh, 5.5V)

Capacity: 1,500mAh, 5.5V
Input: DC 5V

LED Indicators – Power-On and 4 Levels
Power Meter

Dimension: 256 x 34 x 12mm (approx.)
Weight: 82gimg src=

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