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Just last month, Plug And Play Picked Nigeria’s Flutterwave and South Africa’s Hepstar For Its Accelerator Programs; you’ll begin to see that Nigeria and Africa’s tech startups are beginning to gain more grounds on the international scene which is really a good one for the development of the continent’s brilliant minds.

Nigeria’s NetPlusDotCom has been chosen to take part in the coming edition of the Mastercard’s Start Path Global program. NetPlusDotCom is a leading Fintech startup and payment solution provider based in Nigeria.

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Start Path is a program with the aim of supporting innovative startups that develop commerce solutions. The program was launched in 2014, and ever since then over 5,000 startups have shown keen interest. Despite the large number of interested candidates, only about 100 startups from 24 countries have reaped benefits from this initiative.

“Fintech startups around the world are designing a digital future. They’re bringing a different approach to enhance customer choice and experience across the industry,” said Amy Neale, Vice President, Mastercard Start Path about the initiative.

The next edition will span for six months. Five startups have been chosen with NetPlusDotCom also inclusive. The other startups included are: Divido (provides lenders and merchants alike with channels that will aid their customers make major payment through installments); Fluid AI(combines AI with reality to assist banks and retailers in establishing posterity experiences); Regalii (a startup that works with banks and Fintech apps to give customers a special way of managing finances); and Endor (a software platform that allows business users determine the accuracy and speed of their domain).

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NetPlusDotCom is an e-commerce company whose goal in the market is to provide lasting solutions that serve for immediate and posterity purposes. NetPlusPay, Webble and EasyPOS are among the range of products from NetPlusDotCom.

Amy Neale added, “Our work with these startups helps connect new technology with reliable, secure financial networks and processes to create an even more rewarding and seamless commerce experience.”

What’s your opinion? I’ll love to get a remark from you concerning this development.

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