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Have you tried registering on Netflix since it expanded to 130 countries including Nigeria. It’s very easy to do especially if you have good Internet connection. It’s even better if you have a smart TV installed in your apartment or office. Then you can just connect your TV to a wireless network and watch. The first month is free. So just go ahead and enjoy the first thirty days free service. You have nothing to lose, except the data you would use.

Netflix vpn

Before Netflix debuted in ‘non-Netflix’ countries like Nigeria, the only way to watch it is to get a good virtual private network (VPN) software. VPN softwares have been around with us for many years. They were invented to help people in countries where the government frowns on people expressing themselves in ways that are uncomfortable to the leaders.

Basically, what a VPN does is to mask your location. So you can be posting what the government in a country like China finds offensive, but your internet protocol, IP, address is showing your location as either Canada (or any country you picked) even if your real location is just next door to the government’s internet watchdogs. Smart people figured that you can use a good VPN to trick the Netflix servers into believing your are accessing their services from a Netflix compliant location. It was the thing to do in countries like Nigeria if you wanted to watch Netflix back then.

Netflix Vpn
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Since the Netflix expansion, the news have being good for the company, they have seen record numbers sign in to the service all over the world. Their share price in NASDAQ, the stock exchange for technology-based companies has being on the rise. And they have being adding new programs to their services. Now they want to tackle illegal streaming especially by those using VPN.

The question now is, are there people still using VPN to access Netflix now it is in virtually every country in the world? The answer unfortunately, is yes. The need for VPN is simple, there is a region-to-region disparity in programs offered by Netflix. For example, there are some programs Netflix shows only to subscribers in North America. So if you really want to watch them, you need to use a VPN and change your location to America or Canada.

Apparently, Australians are the first to feel the wrath of Netflix. Many subcribers who have being using VPNs to get programs not sanctioned by Netflix for the country were greeted with this message from Netflix,

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

The message for now seems to be targeted at a small number of people. But if Netflix were to keep its word, an increasing number of people using VPNs to access the streaming service would begin to get the message too. This is likely the testing phase of a new software by the company. So, when the trial is over and it proves successful, Netflix would surely deploy the proxy-blocker worldwide.

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