Top 3 Android file managers

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The importance of a file manager In Android smartphones cannot be overstated. Without a file manager, how in the name of all things good can you access and manage files effectively.

Top 3 Android file managers
Android file managers

It is sad that many people don’t know the use or importance of a file manager. The only time they learn about file managers is when they find it difficult to locate something they downloaded or had transferred to their devices.

What happens with most Android users is this: after downloading video or audio files, they just head straight to ‘Gallery‘ in the apps menu to look for the files in their respective categories.

For the most part, Gallery does the job effectively. But sometimes, these files for one reason or the other, would be unavailable in Gallery. It happens a lot of times.

File managers show all files in the smartphone irrespective of format or source. Nothing gets hidden from file managers.

Fortunately, most Android devices come pre-installed with file managers. But the problem I have with stock file managers are their limited scope in terms of the things they can do.

Most time, their functions are just limited to copying, sharing, and locating files.

Some very good third-party file managers however have other functions in addition to the basic features found in Stock file managers.

For a third-party file manager to be worth the effort in downloading, installing and learning how it works, it must must have these extra features

  1. The file manager must be able to compress files into a zip folder
  2. The file manager must be able to extract files from zip folder with options on how and where you want the extracted files to be located
  3. Optionally, file managers must be able to link to your cloud storage service of choice so that you can export you files to the cloud to be accessible from any device and whatever location.
  4. It must be able to handle any sort of file extension or format very well.

Let’s take a look at 3 file managers that are among the very best. It should be stated though that there are hundreds of them out there. What is best for one device may not apply to a different device. Sometimes, you would have to chose what works best for you and stick to it.

However, the three listed below would certainly work optimally in almost all Android smartphones.

File Manager – Explorer

Top 3 Android file managers
File Manager – Explorer

The name says it all. In Play Store, there are so many apps named ‘File Manager‘ that are only differentiated by their icons and an extension added to the root name. In this case the extension to the name is ‘Explorer’ to differentiate it from the others.

In addition to the basic must-have features listed above, it has a text editor to edit your documents. Also, you can view images directly in this file manager without having to use your Android’s image viewer.

One of the best part for me is that you can stream audio or video files without the need to download them.

You can see more features on the Play Store page if you decide to download and install it.

Root Explorer

Top 3 Android file managers
Root Explorer

Root Explorer is the sort of file manager you see on the Android devices of tech savvy people.

Since most tech savvy people tend to root their android devices, Root Explorer is one of the file managers of choice because it gives access to files embedded in root folders and sub-folders.

These are folders that cannot be accessed unless the device is rooted.

Root Explorer though can also do the basic stuff any good file manager can do like, compressing and extracting files, linked to cloud services, text editor and so much more.

You can download and install it here and also read detailed description of the app.

ES File Explorer

Top 3 Android file managers
ES File Explorer

Talk about saving the best for last. At least from my point of view, ES File Explorer is one of the best file managers for Android devices.

The issue with ES is not so much about what it can do as about what it can’t do. That is another way of saying the file manager can do almost everything you’d need from a file manager.

It is so good that with constant use, you would be discovering new ways of doing stuff with it consistently.

And like Root Explorer, you’d be able to access root folders with it.

It has built in image viewers and players for all major file formats.

If I have to recommend the best all-in-one file manager, ES Explore would be my choice.

Head here to read more about ES Explorer and install it to your device.

Like I stated earlier, there are hundreds of file managers for Android devices. My best three could be in somebody’s blacklist. Though I doubt that seriously.

However, please feel free to tell us about your best file managers especially if they are not on my own best three list.


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