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Largest Telco company in the country, MTN, according to several reports has been said to be considering the purchase of fellow South Africa company, DSTV alongside GoTv too.

According to the reports, which have not even been made public by the right channel, The offer of MultiChoice Africa will not affect the South African division of the TV network although the plans have not been made public.

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“A sale is one of a number of options being considered by Africa’s biggest company by market value, and a final decision hasn’t been reached. Naspers and MTN Group have briefly discussed a deal for MultiChoice Africa, but no agreement was reached”.

The only thing both  companies confirmed on Thursday is that they are still in talks about sharing TV content, video-on-demand services, on smartphones.

Naspers Limited is the parent company of MultiChoice Africa is the franchise owner of DStv and GOtv.

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You ask me what I think, I’d tell you what I see instead. I see a very big corporation that MTN is trying to build. One that would have subsidiaries that’d link to each other and make life easy for them. Don’t be surprised that when this deal pulls through, your only be able to subscribe for your DSTV if you have a MTN SIM. I’m just saying though. For now, we’d keep our fingers crossed.

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